Sport Classic

This unique design offers many advantages over stock

• All of the swingarm spacers are retained for wheel removal
• The outer housing has a provision for an 8mm spool if desired

This allows the use of a standard rear stand to lift up the bike and remove the wheel, since all the spacers are bolted together through the swingarm the bike can still be supported on the stand utilizing the spool with the wheel removed. If you have ever removed the wheel on a sport classic you know that lining up all 9 spacers can become complicated and tricky, this kit will eliminate that headache completely.

Kit includes left and right swingarm adjusters, 8mm spools, and required hardware to bolt the spacers together for a captive design.

*This kit does slightly limit the chain adjustment since the bolts run through the chain adjustment slots, if you need the maximum amount of chain adjustment you will have to slot the chain adjuster on both ends for clearance.