The factory flywheel nut supplied by Ducati for lack of better terms is out of spec. There are several crucial dimensions that make up the compatibility of two threads. Ducati has matched the size and the pitch but that is about it, because of this lack in quality of the flywheel nut, flywheels are known to come loose, and when they do come loose they mar threads and splines on a very expensive crank shaft. Crank shafts are expensive, as is the labor for complete disassembly of the motor and splitting the crank cases for installation.

Corse Dynamics has CNC machined 4130 chromoly steel to an extremely high tolerance specification to ensure your jam nuts will serve their purpose for years to come. After machining, the nuts are heat treated in order to increase strength & durability. EVERY nut is hand inspected to ensure all crucial dimensions meet specifications, these nuts are proudly made and inspected in the USA.

Works with all OEM or aftermarket flywheels

Tool required to remove factory nut: 30mm Socket - preferably 3 inch or deeper for clearance of flywheel.

Tool required to install Corse Dynamics nut: 35mm Socket or 1-3/8" socket - preferably 3 inch or deeper for clearance of flywheel.